What is Adapt?

Uploading images of different sizes and crop margins is a tedious task. With Freedaa's Adapt Tool, you can let it do the work for you! Just upload your Root (Main) Folder to Freedaa's Adapt and let it export images for you in multiple sizes, resolution, dpi, background colors crops and margins!

What the Industry is saying about Freedaa

Freedaa has impacted many workspaces all around the globe from Editors to Creative Directors. Let's see what they have to say after using Freedaa in their regular schedules

Freedaa saves you time and money

"I often need to remove backgrounds from images to use in my creatives, this works for both digital and print; good job Freedaa"

Kopal Nigam

Studio Manager

Batch Process

Unleash your creativity – instead of wasting your time with repetitive work: Image Adapt is now as simple as clicking a button! Adapt integrates with your current workflow - Give it a try !

Create New, Save and Load Templates

It is now easier than ever to create and save templates for Adapt Image Processing!

Just sit back and relax as Adapt Tool processes your images according to different marketplaces and custom templates that you have created yourself!

Set Margins, Resize, Dpi, Resolution and many more

All marketplaces require different margin crops as well as detail shots - Adapt gives you a wide range of options for morphing your images by margin, crop and size according to your choosing!

Extract Detailed Shot

Just enter the input image name and crop percentage, Adapt will extract the detailed image from all the folders and guess what, it will also resize the output image as per marketplace requirement.

Add Custom Backgrounds

Place yourself on the beach, Mount Everest or right next to your favorite movie star - all with a few clicks. Share your creation on social media, print it, or create an individual gift for a friend. It's easy!

Segregate Images by Marketplace

Worried that extra images in one folder will be processed along with the entire batch? Adapt can smartly select images from the root folder and export them to the corresponding marketplaces.  

How to use Adapt?

Publishing images on multiple websites results in driving more sales. This requires making each and every image ready for all the websites as per their guidelines. Adapt comes with preset guidelines/templates or you can create your own. Speedup your workflow with Adapt !

Step 1

Select the folder Path from your system where all your images are located. You can either copy and paste the root folder's location from your Windows Explorer, or you can click on Select Folder path and browse your location in one click!

Step 2

Select from an existing template or create a new one to process. You can also save these settings as a template.

Step 3

Once the folder and template is selected, click on the process button to see the magic. 

Check the processed images in the folder created next to the input folder on your local system. "It's Done 


Frequently Asked Questions.

Pricing Plan

Freedaa uses a credit system that is followed across the platform to process images! You can easily purchase credits from the application itself and make use of Freedaa, today!

Adapt Uses

1 EDCredit/Image

Download the Software and Sign up to Avail

50 Free Credits for Adapt Today!

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