What is Combine?

Combo images are required when you want to show more of your product in one image. With Freedaa's Combine you can generate multiple combo images at once, just by drag and drop 

What the Industry is saying about Freedaa

Freedaa has impacted many workspaces all around the globe from Editors to Creative Directors. Let's see what they have to say after using Freedaa in their regular schedules

Freedaa saves you time and money

"I often need to remove backgrounds from images to use in my creatives, this works for both digital and print; good job Freedaa"

Kopal Nigam

Studio Manager

Live Preview

Live Preview is a feature that allows you to see how your output image will look without even generating the final image. 

Save and Create New Templates

Create output image setting panel enables you to input required output settings like margin, gap, rotation etc. You can also save these setting as template for your future use.

Height-Width Matching

If you would like to match the height of the product within the image to every other image in your Root folder, instead of manually resizing each image, Combine matches the height for you!

Adjust Parameters

Gap is to specify the amount of gap you require between your combination image, padding defines the space around the processed images and Margin defines the amount of margin by height and width you would require while generating the image combo!

How to use Combine?

Generating multiple combos  from photos is a lengthy task that takes a lot of time and attention to detail, even with the most professional software. Guess what? Not anymore!​ With Freedaa's Combine you can combine multiple images 100% automatically, in just 5 seconds

Step 1

Select the folder Path from your system where all your images are located.

You can either copy and paste the root folder's location from your Windows Explorer, or you can click on Select Folder Path and browse your location in one click!

Step 2

Choose the options from the Output Image Setting panel on your right to create a new template, or select from an existing template or create a new one to process the selected images. You can also save these settings as a template.

Step 3

Once the folder and template is selected, click on the proceed button to see the magic. 

Output combo images are added in the same folder  (Selected Input Folder) with the name specified by you at the time of creating the template.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Pricing Plan

Freedaa uses a credit system that is followed across the platform to process images! You can easily purchase credits from the application itself and make use of Freedaa, today!

Combine Uses

0.5 EdCredit/Image

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