Guideline Taking System

Create General Specification

Resolution,Padding,DPI, Margin, Alignment etc

Choose Category   

Shoe, Apparel, Wallet etc

Select Add-ons

Shadow, Clipping Path etc

Select Retouching

Mild, Heavy,Specific

Preview & Order

Attach specification to an order

Preset Guidelines

Our guideline taking system gives you assistance with creating your own presets or also you can choose the standard presets available according to your requirement.


Custom Specification

With this feature, you can create the specification of the job by setting the resolution, padding, DPI, Margins, etc.

Attach to an order

Flexibility to use any product-specific (e.g. shoes, bags or model) guideline you have made in the previous orders again without going through the process again.

Specify Retouching

We have made this an easier task for you by being more specific and giving you the choice of the amount of retouching you need in the job, saving the time for multiple reworks. 

Choose Add-ons

Customize the order by selecting the add-ons available. Our guideline taking system helps you to understand better about the editing process.

API Integration

This guideline taking system comes with API integration, you can build this system in your own website to give your clients a better user experience.

Guideline Taking System

Our Guideline taking system guides you through the steps for creating a more specific guideline you require for editing and save for future use! The specification taking system is breakdown into multiple steps for ease of use and comprehension for the perfect results every single time. 

Select from a list of Guideline Preset

Choose from the available standard presets or create your own, our guideline taking system has this flexibility.

Choose from multiple Add-ons

Select the add-ons and customize your order, like shadow, clipping path, etc.

Create Custom Guideline

One can create specific guideline by setting the margin, resolution, DPI, etc.

Reduce rework

Our guideline taking system helps you in breaking the whole process into various steps and in being more specific about the requirements, resulting in much more accurate result.

1. Choose Product


From the variety of categories that Freedaa offers you can choose your category, and you can also create your own category.

2. Create General Specification

Freedaa provides you the flexibility to be more specific by adding the resolution, DPI, margins, size, output file type and many more.

3. Select from multiple add-ons options

Specify the guideline by selecting add-ons available like shadow, clipping path, detail shot, etc. 

4. Specify Retouching to avoid rework

Depending on the product category we have segregated the retouching into various types, select from the list of retouching type to avoid rework.  

5. Preview, Save & Attach to an Order

Once you have created the guideline you can preview, edit, save for future use & attach to a particular order.

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