Installation Instructions.

Make Freedaa a part of your workflow.

Freedaa for Windows brings bulk image processing right to your desktop. To install it, follow these steps

Step 1

Download the software from our website or click on this link and run the software post download.

Step 2

You will come across a screen that says "Windows Protected your PC".

Don't worry happens because the software is currently under process for an Extended Validation code signing certificate.

Our team is currently working on it and it will be done shortly!

To further installation, Click on "More info" and then on "Run Anyway" button that appears later.

Step 3

Click on Install and wait for the software to finish installing. 

An icon will appear on your desktop after installing 

Step 4

Open Freedaa and Sign up through the software itself and avail 100 Free Credits to process your images!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Join Freedaa for the best Image Processing Experience.

Download the Software and Sign up to Avail

100 Free Credits Today!

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