Turbo-charge your photo studio.

We help manufacturers, brands, online sellers and professionals looking to create affordable still and 360 product images for web/e-commerce, cataloging, design and business communication with our all in one automated photography machines.

Centerless Table

High engineering German components captures video/stills of the object from all views and angles. 

German Auto Slider

It helps you get images from all the required angles, bringing out the amazing video/still quality.

Lighting System

High CRI, 35,000 lumens LED backlighting to get seamless lighting. Umbrella lighting system to get diffused light on the product.

Zero Touch Camera

DSLR Camera with motorized zoom lens. No exposed wires and tripods in the way 

Instaclick Studio.

One fully self-contained system. Hardware that enables you to take high-quality stills from all angles you need. Software that allows you control the machine & create shooting templates for multiple marketplaces All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage. Fast moving content for fast moving fashion.


Front Grill Light

Camera Rig

Counter Weight

Side Panel Light

Diffuser Gate

Light Diffusing System

Dazzle 360.

The machine is made to shoot ready to share 360 videos and stills of highly reflective items such as jewellery, watches, metallic items, etc. which are found to be the most difficult to shoot, in the least amount of time and of the best quality. 


Illuna 360.

Centre-less turntable allows unhindered lighting of the turntable surface. Its suspended motor mount design minimises any kind of vibration. This makes it ideal for shooting seamless 360 videos. It can also be used for stop motion 360 of any kind of object.


Hoverboat 360.

Hoverboat 360 is a high precision digitally controlled rotating platform. It is used for shooting heavy load objects like Mannequin weighing up to 45kg. It can be precisely controlled to rotate and click any angle 


Whole outer surface is created of pure white material without any parturitions to avoid any kind of color cast or reflection. The software also controls all the settings of any canon or Nikon camera attached. High engineering German components captures video/stills of the object from all views and angles. 

Use Case

- Make a 360 gif.
- Do a stop motion video using flash for better quality.
- Mannequin, Bags, Suitcases, Microwave, Shoes etc. can be easily shot on it. 

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