Privacy Policy

About personal information handling

"About collection of personal information"

We may store personal information such as your address, name, phone number, and email address from various forms and emails.

"About the management of personal information"

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, including the Personal Information Protection Act, and strive to protect the personal information we hold. We will also educate our employees about the proper handling of personal information, etc., and strive to make every effort to protect them.

"Use purpose of personal information"

We will use personal information collected from customers within the scope of the purpose specified when providing personal information.

"Change, deletion and disclosure of personal information"

If there is an offer from the customer, after confirming that you are the person, we will change, delete or disclose your personal information.

"Disclosure of personal information to third parties"

We do not provide or disclose personal information collected from customers to third parties. 
However, the following cases are excluded.

  1. When we must disclose based on the law 
    ( when we are asked legally to provide personal information from an official body such as police)

  2. With your prior approval or consent.

July 2018

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